About me and my website

Hello, my name is Rokas Liuberskis. I am an entrepreneur who loves electronics, AI, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Basically, all the young generation is interested in it.

Five years back, I was a novice engineer who struggled to convert ideas to code. In my quest to get better, I stumbled upon a few facts about learning.

  • First, we learn concepts faster by studying and trying examples. As kids, we didn't learn languages by understanding the grammar first. We learned by copying others around us; we learned by studying examples.

  • Second, everybody starts at zero, but if we learn something new every day, it is possible to acquire a working knowledge of almost anything in a brief period. Knowledge builds on itself; the rule of compounding governs it. The key is to learn something new every day, even small things.

  • Third, passion is a powerful force. It is hugely rewarding to follow your passion and get better at things you are interested in.

  • Finally, you have to enjoy what you do, or not do it at all.

These principles are helping me every day. From my background, I am not an IT specialist or programmer. I finished my bachelor's in electronics engineer and my master's in information systems application engineering. But during my master's studies, I was already working as an electronics engineer. I understood that I didn't want to do this job all my life.

Consequently, I was eager to learn how neural networks and machine learning stuff works, so I began reading articles, watching YouTube videos about that, etc. But soon understood that pumping theory to my head would not lead anywhere, so I started doing minor projects. These projects inspired me to create my website to publicly share my tutorials and stuff with everyone. And now, after doing this stuff for five years, I am working full time as a Machine Learning engineer at Ngenius.ai and gathering even more experience every day. We'll see where I'll be after another five years! If I would spin time back, I would never tell that this website would help me get the full-time job I would love working.

So, I will continue adding information to this website because of these reasons:

  • Because I find machine learning endlessly fascinating and without limits;
  • Because I want to help, developers get started and get good at applied machine learning.

This website is for programmers, hackers, engineers, scientists, students, and self-starters interested in Python, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, etc. It is for those creative people who have the itch to learn something new and build something useful; who love tinkering and getting their hands dirty; who take pride in their work and are craftsmen at heart; who believe in sharpening their tools and improving their craft every single day! My goal is to publish material that helps readers grasp Machine Learning world concepts with the help of examples in Python. I hope you find this website helpful, informative, and entertaining.